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AP-1000 atmospheric pressure plasma (50mm rotating nozzle)

Brand: Kimberlite

> Model: AP-1000 atmospheric pressure plasma (50mm rotating nozzle)

Cleaning effect: material surface cleaning, activation, etching, coating

Scope of application: Regardless of the processing object, it can process any material, such as metal, semiconductor, oxide or polymer materials, etc.

Enterprise advantage: non-standard customization can be made according to customer needs

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  • Product Description

- Product parameter -

Input power


High voltage line length

>170cm (customizable)

Diameter of spray gun


Working environment

Temperature<42℃ Relative temperature≤40℃RH

Maximum power

≤1000W (adjustable)

Input air pressure

≥0.4Mpa or ≥0.3Mpa



Output working pressure


Host weight


Control mode

Internal analog control

(It can be integrated with the existing automation system and short-circuit signal start)

Host size


Nozzle processing width

Rotating type: 50mm

Processing height


Flame temperature


- Equipment use -

Used for cleaning and activating surface properties. Almost all materials can use plasma for precision cleaning and surface activation 

Used to remove grease, oil, oxide, fiber, remove silicone resin (LABS-free), pretreatment before bonding, welding, bonding, pretreatment before coating of metal parts, etc.

Pre-treatment of mobile phone case printing, coating, dispensing, etc. in the electronics industry, and surface treatment of mobile phone screens

Surface cleaning of aerospace electrical connectors in the defense industry

Pretreatment before bonding, painting and printing, surface treatment before bonding, soldering and electroplating

Surface activation, surface modification of biological materials, wire and cable surface coding, plastic surface coating, surface treatment before printing coating or bonding

Lithium battery module pretreatment and battery pack bonding, battery pack plastic shell and protective aluminum shell pretreatment and bonding 

COF or COB process electrode surface cleaning, LCD or OLED glass cleaning, IC package LED package surface cleaning or modification, PCB surface cleaning, activation, modification or removal of residual glue

- Company Profile -
Guangdong Kimberlite Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Kimberlite Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with automation equipment as the leading, R & D, production and manufacturing.

It also has Shenzhen kimberlite Technology Co., Ltd., which is a high-tech enterprise specializing in plasma etching and cleaning system. Using plasma system R & D technology from Germany for 25 years, we provide plasma processing system for customers in high-tech electronic fields such as mobile phones, computers, circuit boards, led, semiconductor, photoelectric, solar energy, automobile, medical and other high-tech electronic fields and large-scale industrial fields.

The core members of the company's team have educational background related to automation equipment and application. Some of them have served for related well-known enterprises, and have many years of experience in automation equipment research and technology application.

Adhering to the "customer first, quality first, technological innovation, win-win cooperation" business philosophy, the company constantly introduces high-quality, high-standard, low-cost products, to provide real-time pre-sale, after-sales and technical integration of professional services for all customers.

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