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The harm of plasma cleaning machine to human body? Related knowledge to use plasma machine
Announcer:kimberlite   Date:2020/10/8 16:57:46   Views:856

Question: The harm of plasma cleaning machine to human body? Related knowledge to use plasma machine

Answer :

In the era of rapid technological development, the emergence of plasma cleaning technology has greatly improved the production efficiency of enterprises. When using new technology equipment, the editor found that many people have such concerns: Will the plasma cleaner be harmful to the human body? Today, Jinbo Lilai will answer in detail the relevant knowledge that you need to know about using the plasma machine.

First, the editor of Jinbo Lilai will explain the principle of plasma cleaning:

When the plasma cleaning cabin is close to the vacuum state, the RF power is turned on. At this time, the gas molecules ionize to generate plasma, and with the glow discharge phenomenon, the plasma accelerates under the electric field, and moves at a high speed under the action of the electric field, which causes the surface Physical collision, plasma energy is enough to remove various pollutants, while oxygen ions can oxidize organic pollutants into carbon dioxide and water vapor out of the cabin.

When you understand the working principle of plasma cleaning machine, do you also understand that plasma cleaning machine is a way to improve work efficiency and also respond to the call of environmental protection. However, when the plasma cleaner is working, it will produce a certain amount of radiation, but this radiation is very small, comparable to computer radiation, and will not cause greater harm to the human body. Moreover, the plasma cleaning machine independently developed and produced by Jinbo Lilai can be equipped with automatic production equipment. It does not require workers to stand next to the machine 24 hours a day. After the treatment is completed, it will be automatically reminded, so friends who are worried about the harm of plasma cleaning to the human body , No need to worry about it.


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