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Low temperature and atmospheric pressure plasma surface cleaning machine for mobile phone screen and mobile phone shell
Announcer:kimberlite   Date:2020/10/8 16:52:09   Views:967

Low temperature and atmospheric pressure plasma surface cleaning machine has been widely used in mobile phone industry, glass industry, electronic circuit industry, material industry, printing and papermaking, fiber clothing and so on. In low-temperature atmospheric pressure plasma, the temperature of neutral atoms is close to normal temperature but the electron temperature can reach 2-10eV. At the same time, with the ionization, recombination, excitation and transition of atoms in the plasma, ultraviolet rays are generated, and the photon energy is also in the range of 2 to 4 eV. Obviously, the energy provided by the particles and photons in the plasma is quite high.


1. Let me talk about the application of low temperature and atmospheric pressure plasma cleaning mobile phone display.

In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, the plasma surface treatment effect of the LCD screen has been improved a lot compared with the treatment effect of the traditional process, and the reject rate has been reduced by 50%. Cleaning the LCD glass with low temperature and atmospheric pressure plasma technology not only removes impurity particles, improves the surface energy of the material, but also promotes an order of magnitude improvement in the product yield.


2. Low-temperature and atmospheric-pressure plasma surface cleaning machines are also very common for processing mobile phone shells.

With the development of modern technology, mobile phones are not only diverse in types, but also colorful in appearance, with bright and eye-catching colors. However, after a mobile phone has been used in people's hands for a period of time, the exterior of the phone will lose paint, and the logo may even be blurred, which affects the appearance of the phone to a certain extent.

In order to find solutions to these problems, major mobile phone manufacturers are seeking solutions. Chemical agents have been used to treat the plastic casing of mobile phones, and the effect of printing and bonding has been improved, but this is at the expense of reducing the hardness of the mobile phone casing. In order to find a better solution, plasma technology has emerged.

The low-temperature atmospheric plasma surface treatment technology can not only clean the oil stains left by the shell during injection molding, but also activate the surface of the plastic shell to the greatest extent, and enhance the bonding effect such as printing and coating, so that the coating on the shell and the substrate are very close. It is firmly connected, the coating effect is very uniform, the appearance is more beautiful, and the abrasion resistance is greatly enhanced, and the paint will not be worn for a long time.

At the same time, since the low-temperature plasma is electrically neutral, it will not damage the surface of the product during processing. The plasma treatment process uses the "kimberlite" plasma cleaning machine, which can also be performed "online" without solvents, so it is more environmentally friendly.

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