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What is a plasma cleaner and what is its function?
Announcer:kimberlite   Date:2020/10/9 9:00:50   Views:840

This question is that a corporate boss found our website through Baidu search for "cleaning machine" and asked us what is a plasma cleaning machine? What does it do! What is the difference with ordinary cleaning machines? These three questions, our customer service department is very careful I explained it to him! Then I successfully ordered two plasma cleaners. Now the editor shares these three questions with everyone:

What is a plasma cleaner

As the name implies, it is a cleaning machine, a plasma cleaner that uses plasma to clean items. It uses plasma to clean the cleaning effect that ordinary cleaning machines cannot achieve. Generally, plasma cleaning is a closed-door cleaning. Common types are: vacuum, normal pressure, and normal temperature plasma cleaners. Common plasma has "active" components of plasma including: ions, electrons, atoms, active groups, excited nuclides (meta-stable State), photons, etc. The plasma cleaner uses the properties of these active components to treat the surface of the sample to achieve cleaning, coating and other purposes!


What is the function of the plasma cleaner?

Plasma cleaners are mainly used to clean the surface of objects, but plasma uses different industries and their effects are different. Now I will give a common LED industry role:

1. Oxide layer or dirt makes the chip and the substrate more closely combined with the colloid.

2. The tightness of the combination of high colloid and stent prevents air infiltration from causing defects.

3. Contaminants on the board are conducive to silver glue tiling and chip sticking.

4. High bonding adhesion between the lead, chip and substrate, and enhance the bonding strength

What is the difference between a plasma cleaning machine and a cleaning machine?

It is different from ordinary conventional cleaning. Like the ultrasonic cleaning machine, its cleaning principle is only to clean some visible dirt such as dust on the surface. Its working principle is to use the cavitation, acceleration and acceleration effects of ultrasonic waves in the liquid. The direct flow action directly and indirectly affects the liquid and dirt, so that the dirt layer is dispersed, emulsified, and stripped to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

In addition, the plasma cleaner also has the functions of surface modification, improving product performance, and removing surface organic matter. Therefore, it is a completely different concept from the ultrasonic cleaning machine, or ordinary cleaning with drugs. It can completely solve the surface treatment problems encountered in the production of industrial products, and effectively solve the problem of industrial products in the manufacturing process. The secondary pollution problem of China has fundamentally solved the problem of environmental protection requirements.

Plasma cleaners use the properties of these active components to treat the surface of samples to achieve cleaning and other purposes. It is to apply enough energy to the gas to make it ionize and become a plasma state. Three questions about what is a plasma cleaner. The editor will share with you carefully. If you can help you, please pay attention to the functions and models of the latest plasma cleaning products developed by Kimberly Lai! If it is suitable for your industry application, please contact and order.

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