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Tell you the difference between corona and plasma treatment in one minute?
Announcer:kimberlite   Date:2020/10/8 17:01:46   Views:955

Question: Tell you the difference between corona and plasma treatment in one minute?

Answer :

Most plastic films (such as polycarbonate films) are non-polar polymers, and known inks and adhesives with low surface tension cannot adhere firmly to them. Therefore, corona treatment or plasma treatment is required on the surface. The chemical bonds of plastic molecules are broken and degraded, increasing the surface roughness and surface area.


As the name suggests, corona treatment is a kind of electric shock treatment. The surface of the product after corona treatment has higher surface energy and improves the adhesion effect of the product surface. The principle is to use high-frequency and high-voltage corona discharge (high-frequency AC voltage as high as 5000-15000V/m2) on the surface of the processed plastic to generate low-temperature plasma, which causes radical reaction on the surface of the plastic and crosslinks the polymer. . The surface becomes rough and increases its wettability to polar solvents-these ionic bodies break their molecular structure by electric shock and penetration into the surface of the printed body, and then oxidize and polarize the molecules on the surface to be treated, and ion shock erodes the surface. So as to increase the adhesion of the surface of the substrate.


        The effect of plasma surface treatment and corona is almost the same, both of which improve surface adhesion. It's just that the treatment may be different. The principle of plasma cleaning is mainly to produce a series of physical and chemical changes by plasma acting on the surface of the material, using the active particles and high-energy rays contained therein to react and collide with the surface organic pollutant molecules to form small molecular volatile substances .

         The above is a one-minute explanation of the difference between corona and plasma treatment by Shenzhen Jinbo Lilai.

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