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Plasma treatment before gluing to solve the phenomenon of glue opening

In recent years, as the requirements for product packaging have increased, the manufacturing process of packaging boxes has become increasingly sophisticated. In printing and packaging, jewelry boxes, jewelry boxes, wine boxes, daily necessities boxes, color boxes, toothpaste boxes, etc. will be surface treated, including UV oil, dumb oil, etc., not only to improve the product grade, but also to protect the product and improve The waterproof function of the product and the item will not be rubbed in the circulation process.

In the process of bonding and packaging products, the phenomenon of weak bonding and open glue often occurs. In the past, in order to solve the problem of weak bonding and opening the glue, the printing factory would increase the amount of glue, but after the amount of glue is too thick, the glue will overflow after pressing, which increases the cost, which not only affects the appearance, but also may cause the interaction between the packaging boxes. Adhesive, it is impossible to solve the phenomenon of open glue from the essence.

Until the advent of the plasma cleaner, after the plasma processed the paste box part, the surface had undergone various physical and chemical changes, or etched and roughened. Under the condition of no damage to the surface, the adhesion of the paste box surface is greatly improved, even if the surface of the film is hydrophobic, it can become very hydrophilic, which not only saves the paste box glue, but also has a bonding effect after applying the glue. It's still very good.


Without treatment, the surface composed of polymer tends to have weak adhesion, and after treatment with plasma surface treatment technology, even at high production speeds, direct and reliable adhesion of these high-gloss surfaces can be achieved .

The advantages of plasma surface treatment before gluing are as follows:

(1) The product quality is more stable, preventing the phenomenon of glue opening.

(2) Save cost up to 40% and above, reduce the cost of glue box

(3) Improve the production environment of the workshop.

(4) It can realize on-line production and automate to improve work efficiency.

If you can use a fraction of the cost of glue for several plasma cleaners to solve the problems faced in printing and packaging, why not do it?

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