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Plasma surface treatment of rubber sealing strip

Plasma surface treatment technology can effectively improve the surface energy of rubber sealing strips, increase hydrophilicity and adhesion properties.图片8.png

Plasma application technology has played an indispensable role in the automotive industry, and the various technological processes in automotive manufacturing are closely coordinated with each other to ultimately ensure compliance with high-quality products. Through our plasma cleaning equipment, it can meet the requirements of a number of surface pretreatment technologies in automobile manufacturing, such as: automobile rubber seals

Automobile rubber sealing strips can play an important role in automobile manufacturing, and with the improvement of vehicle sealing requirements, the technological requirements for automobile rubber strips are getting higher and higher. Automobile rubber sealing strips need to use a special surface coating to ensure that the contaminants adhere to the surface, but due to the continuous emergence of new processes and materials, the process price technology is becoming more and more complicated. In the past, continuous polishing of EPDM rubber strips by rotating steel wires made the surface rough. However, this technology has the disadvantages of poor stability, time-consuming and laborious process, low productivity, high cost, and low yield rate. It has gradually been eliminated. .

In recent years, with the continuous development and maturity of thermoplastic elastic technology, new materials such as TPO, TPV and other materials are more and more widely used in automobile sealing strips, but the surface energy of this rubber sealing strip material is low and the adhesion is poor. , The coating process is difficult to adhere to the surface of the material. As a cleaning technology quickly introduced by the automobile manufacturing industry, the atmospheric plasma cleaner can pre-treat the surface of the rubber seal to remove residual organic pollutants in the manufacturing, effectively improve the surface energy, and ensure the stability after the next step. And reliability.

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