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FPC plasma surface treatment

FPC is also called flexible circuit board, flexible printed circuit board, flexible circuit board, or FPC for short. FPC has the characteristics of high wiring density, light weight, and thin thickness, and is mainly used in mobile phones, digital cameras, notebook computers and other electronic products. (1) The copper clad laminate is mainly responsible for the functions of conduction, insulation and support on the entire FPC circuit board, so the performance and quality of the FPC largely depend on the performance of the copper clad laminate. However, the base material of the copper clad laminate is generally a polymer material with poor hydrophilicity. After sputtering copper plating, the different adhesion will seriously affect the quality of the FPC. Use the gold platinum Lilai plasma cleaning machine to treat the substrate, physical bombardment will make the surface roughness of the substrate surface, increase the combined surface area and chemical reaction to introduce hydrophilic groups, and improve the surface hydrophilicity can solve the problem of poor adhesion.


(2) With the rapid development of the mobile phone industry, FPC circuit boards play a very important role in the manufacturing process of mobile phones, such as: mobile phone cover, TP display box, mobile phone glass back cover adhesion requires FPC flexible circuit boards , And the adhesion requirements of FPC are also very high. According to FPC customers served by Jinbo Lilai plasma cleaning machine manufacturers, the conventional requirement is that the contact angle is within 30° after plasma treatment, but some high-standard companies even It is required to process within 15°~20° to strictly reduce the defect rate in the process of true and false.


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